Example of the type of Abstract Art Print that can be produced by SEN students, using a Paint Application built in Processing and “Photoscape” free image software.

Hi, this blog has been some time coming, so after much nagging from colleagues and my children, I’ve taken the plunge and decided to share, discuss and hopefully expand the work a colleague and I started, by using interactive applications in the classroom to help students with learning disabilities, become engaged with and gain confidence through interactive sensory experience.

I like my job, a seriously inadequate word to describe how lucky I am to be working alongside talented and creative individuals, who are passionate about what they do in a rather special place, where our students are a constant inspiration in what they achieve.  Our students are a considerable motivating factor, however a lot of what we have done, couldn’t have been achieved without the help of others, whether by encouragement (or tolerance of our obsession) aided by the fact that a lot of the software we use is open-source and available at little or no cost.

Last week I attended the International Teachmeet at Brighton City College, where one of the many inspirational teachers that evening,  gave a presentation on “The Future of ICT in the Classroom”, her presentation and others from that evening can be found here, her advice was to establish contacts with others who can help with the technical problems you might face, maintain excitement amongst your students about what you will be doing, share and collaborate your work with others and publicise it by telling everyone about the ICT projects you are engaged in.  Many thanks to that presenter, its great advice, so in the spirit of sharing and collaborating our work with others, welcome to opensen.


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